Superman Vol.06: Imperius Lex



    Art Thibert, Barry Kitson, Doug Mahnke, Ed Benes, Jackson Herbert, Jaime Mendoza, James Robinson, Patrick Gleason, Peter J. Tomasi, Ryan Sook, Scott Hanna, Stephen Segovia, Travis Moore


    DC Comics

    Darkseid is gone and the crown of Apokolips is there for the taking. Now all the lords of this hellish world will play a game of thrones the likes of which have never been seen. The prize: absolute dominion over unspeakable evil.

    Only Superman and Lex Luthor stand in their way. These two arch-enemies must put their own war aside and join forces to bring peace to Apokolips before the horror spills out of the hellpits and across the universe. And if that means the Man of Steel must fight on behalf of his nemesis… so be it.

    Meanwhile, dark deities from Granny Goodness to Steppenwolf will make their own play for power, using Lois Lane and Superboy as pawns in their deadly game. Superman knows the price they’ll all pay if he and Luthor lose. But as the final showdown approaches, only the gods know what Lex will do if they win…

    The acclaimed creative team of Peter J. Tomasi, Patrick Gleason and Doug Mahnke take their incredible Man of Steel saga to epic new heights in these stories from Superman #33-36 and #39-41!

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