Suicide Squad Vol.01: Trial By Fire


    Suicide Squad Vol.1: Trial By Fire
    John Ostrander | Luke McDonnell
    DC, 229 Pages, Colour

    Just in time for the highly anticipated 2016 blockbuster film release, this collection is the definitive and explosive introduction to John Ostrander’s modern Suicide Squad.

    It’s up to the government to keep the bad guys in captivity-but Amanda Waller, a tough-as-nails federal agent, has other plans. She’s heading up Task Force X (aka, the Suicide Squad) as an ultimatum to the world’s most notorious super-villains. These criminals chew on a tricky bargain: either accept her devious, nearly impossible missions in the name of democracy, or rot in jail. And one other thing: most operatives don’t make it back alive!

    Starring some of the most popular villains in the DCU forced into the role of unlikely antiheroes, Suicide Squad Vol.1: Trial By Fire collects Suicide Squad #1-8 and Secret Origins #14.

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