Magic the Gathering: Chandra – Trials of Alara #1-4



    Eric Koda, James Asmus, S. L. Gallant


    IDW Publishing

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    Chandra Nalaar – Planeswalker, pyromancer, hero – bursts into a brand-new miniseries!

    On the formerly fractured plane of Alara, Chandra must protect a village in grave peril – no big deal, especially with a little help from fellow Planeswalker Jace Beleren. But what happens when the dust of battle clears, and Chandra is forced to contend with a problem that can’t be burned away?

    From the explosive creative team of James Asmus (Gambit) and Eric Koda (Extraordinary X-Men) comes an essential addition to Magic‘s ongoing story that fans won’t want to miss!

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