New Releases: 20 July 2016

An ancient power rises to reclaim the universe itself and not even the Justice League can stop it! Betty and Veronica are America’s sweethearts – until they turn on each other! Enter the world of Snotgirl from Scott Pilgrim’s Bryan Lee O’Malley! Sgt. Kreel is back with an all-new squad of Stormtroopers in Star Wars! And Deadpool is a terrible team leader. Think we’re lying? Ask the Mercs For Money! Continue reading

New Releases: 13 July 2016

Nightwing returns to Gotham City to reclaim the life that was taken from him! In Horizon, Zhia Malen’s planet is targeted for occupation… by Earth! A major loss sends shockwaves through the super hero community in Civil War II: Choosing Sides! Agent Scully finds herself the target of a stalker in The X-Files! And will Conan The Slayer find a new ally in the chief of a Kozaki raiders camp? Continue reading

Price Increase

The nation’s vote to leave the European Union has led to some fluctuations in the international markets and this has caused our supplies to increase their prices from July 19th 2016. Unfortunately, this has meant we will have no raise … Continue reading

New Releases: 6 July 2016

A new day dawns for Earth’s greatest heroes in Justice League: Rebirth! The Walking Dead is titled “Queen And King”! Han Solo has entered the space race of his dreams – the Dragon Void! An evil is building that may overcome both Batman and his new ally, Gotham! And Grant McKay threatens a peace treaty in a new Black Science story arc! See the full New Releases listings here. Continue reading

New Releases: 29 June 2016

As Steve Rogers battles a resurgent Hydra more dangerous than ever before, he must confront a ghost from his past! The sequel to industry sales-beast Jupiter’s Legacy is here! Batman and Robin prepare for war with the Master Race in Dark Knight III! Spider-Man / Deadpool is an all-star special issue written by Scott Aukerman of TV’s Comedy Bang Bang! And Hazel begins the most exciting adventure of her life – kindergarten, in Saga Vol.6! Continue reading