New Releases: 18 February 2015

Cindy Moon was bitten by the same radioactive spider as Peter Parker and now stars in her own series, Silk, debuting today! Also out now: “The Amazo Virus” concludes with haunting consequences in Justice League #39!; Skottie Young delivers a Rocket adventure that breaks all the rules in Rocket Raccoon #8!; The supergroup The Front Line invite a new hero to join them, unaware that it is a mole(!) in Secret Identities #1; And the fallout from “AXIS” continues in Uncanny X-Men #31! Read on for the full New Releases breakdown… Continue reading

New Releases: 11 February 2015

Harley Quinn’s Valentine’s Special tops this weeks new releases list, also featuring part two of ‘Black Vortex’ in Guardians Of The Galaxy #24, the debut of the new Darth Vader series, the final chapter of ‘Spider-Verse’ in Amazing Spider-Man #14 and issue #5 of GI Joe Vs Transformers! Read on for the complete list… Continue reading

New Releases: 4 February 2015

Star Lord and the Guardians Of The Galaxy line-up with the X-Men in our pick of this week’s new releases, Guardians Of The Galaxy And X-Men: Black Vortex – Alpha! Also out now: More galactic adventures in Star Wars #2, the living Deadpool returns in Return Of The Living Deadpool, Saga is back, as is almost the entire cast in Saga #25 and there’s an extra-sized special issue #38 of Superman! See the full list of new releases here. Continue reading