Werewolf By Night: Complete Collection Vol.03



    Bill Mantlo, Bill Sienkiewicz, Carmine Infantino, Don Perlin, Doug Moench, Frank Robbins, Gil Kane, Mark Gruenwald, Marv Wolfman, Michael Fleisher, Steve Leialoha, Steven Grant, Yong Montano


    Marvel Comics

    Complete your collection of the classic adventures of Marvel’s legendary lycanthrope! But can even Jack Russell survive when he battles the silver-clad stalker known as Moon Knight? There are plenty more candidates lining up to wrestle the Werewolf — including Hangman, Brother Voodoo, Iron Man and Fire-Eyes, the man with the gaze of doom! But will Spider-Woman be a friend or a fearsome foe? Jack has faced super heroes and supernatural threats; now he and Spider-Man — and Ghost Rider, too — will learn that no villain is more vile than…Tatterdemalion! Plus: Witness the savage rematch between Moon Knight and the Werewolf!

    Collects Giant-Size Werewolf #5; Werewolf By Night (1972) #31-43; Marvel Premiere #28; Spider-Woman (1978) #6, #19, #32; Marvel Team-Up (1972) #93; Ghost Rider (1973) #55; Moon Knight (1980) #29, #30; and material from Marvel Premiere #59.

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