Tigra: Complete Collection



    Linda Fite, Chris Claremont, Gerry Conway, Howard Chaykin, J.M. DeMatteis, Jim Shooter, John Byrne, Marie Severin, Mike Deodato Jr, Sal Buscema, Tony DeZuniga, Tony Isabella, Various


    Marvel Comics

    Marvel’s feline fury is on the prowl! Before Greer Grant Nelson became Tigra, she was the Cat — a costumed hero taking on foes like the Owl and the Man-Bull. But an encounter with the mystical Cat People soon unlocked her full potential — and Greer became Tigra, the Were-Woman! Transformed into a feline fighting force, Tigra soon made her mark on the Marvel Universe — clashing with Werewolf by Night, Kraven the Hunter, Red Wolf and more — and leaping into action alongside the Thing and Spider-Man! Plus: Join Tigra on the trail of a killer in a moody crime drama illustrated by Mike Deodato Jr.!

    Collects The Cat #1-4, Marvel Team-Up (1972) #8, #67, Giant-Size Creatures #1, Marvel Chillers #3-7, Marvel Two-In-One (1974) #19, Marvel Premiere #42, Tigra #1-4 and material from Monsters Unleashed (1973) #10 and Marvel Team-Up (1972) #125.

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