Terminator – Original Comic Series: Tempest and One Shot



    Chris Warner, James Robinson, John Arcudi, Matt Wagner


    Dark Horse Comics

    Heartless, mechanical cruelty meets dogged human courage and perseverance! In the aftermath of the events in James Cameron’s The Terminator (1984), John Connor sends a strike team into the past to destroy Cyberdyne, the company that will eventually create the world-controlling computer Skynet. But the machines counter by sending a team of Terminators to block the attempt — turning Los Angeles into a war zone!

    Before Terminator 2: Judgment Day or any of the other film sequels, Dark Horse Comics carried the torch for the Terminator saga, creating a continuity that carried the action across the world and across time. The story in this volume, by John Arcudi and Chris Warner, paved the way for a rich parade of sequel tales.

    Also included in this volume: The Terminator: One Shot, by writer James Robinson and artist Matt Wagner!

    Introduction by John Arcudi.

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