Tales From The Crypt: Horrorcide #1-3



    Jolyon Yates, Larry Hama, Michael Golden, Mike Mayhew, Miran Kim


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    An all-new three-issue series of the legendary EC comic, that’s exercising its Demon-given right to commit Horror!

    Special Guest Writer/Editor Larry Hama invites you to witness three terror-tales that you may never forget-no matter how hard you try! First, The Crypt-Keeper takes us into Alice Hernandez’s dark bedroom to introduce us to “The Ghost in the Closet”! How she got there and who she is, will shock you! The Old Witch also takes you to another world to meet “Baku the Reaver,” a fearless black barbarian who dares to defy the gods in a mad power play that may can Baku more than he can imagine. Finally, The Vault-Keeper brings us back in time to medieval France to encounter “Etienne the Strangler”!

    First Issue: Jun 28, 2017

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