Superman Vol.02: Return to Glory



    Aaron Kuder, Ardian Syaf, Ben Oliver, Bill Sienkiewicz, Dan Jurgens, Don Ho, Gene Luen Yang, Greg Pak, Howard Porter, Jackson Herbert, Jerome K. Moore, Jon Bogdanove, Miguel Sepulveda, Mikel Janin, Patrick Zircher, Peter J. Tomasi, Rafael Sandoval, Raymund Bermudez, Tom Derenick


    DC Comics

    He’s never been so powerless… or more needed!

    Life as Superman knew it is no more. He’s lost his identity as Clark Kent, his job and almost all of his powers. But he’s still Superman. And, powers or no, he’s determined to uncover the mastermind that’s taken everything from him.

    Superman’s investigation leads him to an underground super fight club called Mythbrawl, which he joins to make ends meet while he tracks down Hodor_Root, leader of the crime syndicate that leverages secrets for power. Yet he soon discovers the real threat comes from Hodor_Root’s “father,” Vandal Savage, and his orchestrated campaign to reclaim the comet that granted him immortality aeons ago. If Savage succeeds, he’ll grow powerful beyond imagining. And with the comet drawing closer to Earth, Savage’s “spawn” popping up all over the world and most of Superman’s allies incapacitated, there’s no way a powerless Kal-El can persevere… unless he taps into the one thing that, whether he wins or loses, will take its toll on Krypton’s last son.

    It’s the beginning of the end for the Man of Steel, chronicled by Eisner Award winner Gene Luen Yang (American Born Chinese) and Peter J. Tomasi (Superman / Wonder Woman) and featuring stunning artwork from Howard Porter (Justice League #3001) and Mikel Janín, among others.

    Collects Superman #45-52 and Superman – Annual #3.

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