Adam Gorham, Christos N. Gage, Clayton Crain, Cullen Bunn, Dan Slott, David Williams, Geoffrey Thorne, Javier Pulido, Jed MacKay, Jorge Molina, Ryan North, Sheldon Vella


    Marvel Comics

    Spider-Verse united every Spider-Person ever — now Spider-Geddon will destroy them all!

    The Inheritors have escaped their radioactive prison planet and made their way to the Marvel Universe. As the villains draw first blood, a whole Spider-Army must reunite to keep them at bay! Starring Spider-Man, Otto Octavius, Spider-Gwen, Miles Morales, Spider-Woman, Spider-Punk, the live-action Japanese TV Spider-Man, the Spider-Man from the new PS4 video game and many more Spiders — including some brand-new ones! Prepare to meet Web-Slinger, Spidey of the Wild West! May Parker: Spider-Ma’am! And more! But as the threat they face builds, things do not look good for our web-heads and wall-crawlers. The end of the Spider-Verse is here!

    Collects Spider-Geddon #0-5 and Vault Of Spiders #1-2.

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