Skull The Slayer


    Skull The Slayer
    Marv Wolfman | Steve Gan | Gil Kane | Various
    Marvel Comics, 192 Pages, Colour

    It’s Lost meets The Land That Time Forgot when an airplane and all its passengers are transported to a strange world inhabited by dinosaurs, primitives and aliens! But for one man, this journey into prehistory is a chance to seize his destiny – and become the hero he always wanted to be! In our world, Vietnam veteran Jim Scully is a wanted man, accused of his own brother’s murder. But in this wild new land, he becomes – Skull the Slayer! With fellow passengers to protect, dinosaurs to hunt and alien mysteries to uncover, Skull finds himself on a voyage through the ages – courtesy of the mysterious Time Tower! Prepare for an epic tale of life and death, culminating in a titanic team-up with the Fantastic Four’s Thing and Mr. Fantastic!

    Collecting Skull The Slayer #1-8 and Marvel Two-In-One #35-36.

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