Savage Sword of Conan: Conan the Gambler



    Alan Davis, Jim Zub, Luke Ross, Meredith Finch, Patrick Zircher, Roy Thomas


    Marvel Comics

    More foes fall before the savage sword of Conan!

    A past wrong comes back to haunt Conan in a tale of revenge! Stripped of his weapons, his strength and even his wits, the Cimmerian must dig deep if he wants to live to see the dawn!

    Then, a violent encounter in Shadizar puts young Conan in the hot seat in a deadly game of Serpent’s Bluff! Now, he must navigate the seedy underworld of “civilized” gambling. But when the chips are down, he’ll play his best hand — the one holding good Brythunian steel!

    Plus, legendary creators Roy Thomas and Alan Davis spin an unforgettable tale as Conan leads a mysterious band of adventurers into the Himelian Mountains in search of a lost comrade. But Conan may get more than he bargained for when the startling truth behind the quest is uncovered!

    Collects Savage Sword of Conan (2019) #6-11.

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