Old Man Quill Vol.02: Go Your Own Way



    Ibraim Roberson, Ethan Sacks, John Tyler Christopher, Robert Gill


    Marvel Comics

    He’s not done with heroics just yet! Once he was the legendary hero called Star-Lord, leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Now, decades later, Peter Quill has undertaken a mysterious quest, and its shocking goal will finally be revealed. He has reached the Baxter Building — but with a hidden weapon almost in his grasp, a stunning revelation turns everything on its head!

    Plus: The Guardians face their final mission — but what fate awaits them? And what is the secret message Quill wishes he could forget? Galactus has arrived, and now the only thing standing between the World-Devourer and Earth’s destruction is Peter Quill! Earth is in major trouble.

    Collects Old Man Quill #7-12.

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