Night of the Living Dead Vol.01



    Andrew Dalhouse, Edison George, Fabio Jansen, Jacen Burrows, John Russo, Luis Czerniawski, Mike Wolfer, Ryan Waterhouse, Sebastian Fiumara


    Avatar Press

    This is the story everyone was dying to see: a prequel to the original film from the original creator and script co-writer John Russo!

    We heard the eyewitness accounts and were shocked by the television news reports, but now for the first time we will experience the horrifying events which led to that first Night Of The Living Dead!

    A strange mist brings the unburied dead back to life, hungry for the flesh of the living! There is nowhere safe to run and no one could possibly prepare for the onslaught of the ghouls, thirsting for human blood!

    This incredible prequel to the blockbuster classic 1968 Night of the Living Dead film gives new insight into many of the film’s characters and locations, including horrific encounters at the farm house and Beekman’s diner and introduces us for the first time to The Cemetery Zombie, Sheriff McClellan, the zombie girl Karen, and Night of the Living Dead hero, Ben!

    The first eight issues of the fully-authorized series of color comics are included here along with a horrific cover gallery!

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