Master of Kung Fu: Weapon of the Soul



    Doug Moench, Jim Starlin, Paul Gulacy, Steve Englehart, Various


    Marvel Comics

    Epic Collection

    One of the most groundbreaking Marvel comics of all time! The series that captured the kung fu craze starts here!

    Born to be the world’s most fearsome fighter, Shang-Chi’s life takes an unexpected turn when he discovers the truth about his father, the villainous Fu Manchu. So begins the epic story of the Master of Kung Fu! In his quest to end the reign of his malevolent patriarch, Shang-Chi pits his deadly hands and unstoppable spirit against incredible foes like Midnight, Tiger-Claw… and even the Amazing Spider-Man! He’s joined by Sir Denis Nayland Smith and “Black” Jack Tarr of the British secret service, who will stop at nothing to end the devil doctor’s reign.

    Collects Special Marvel Edition (1971) #15-16, Master of Kung Fu (1974) 17-28, Giant-Size Master of Kung Fu (1974) 1-4, Giant-Size Spider-Man (1974) 2 and material from Iron Man Annual (1970) #4.

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