Marvel’s Mightiest Vol.74: Red Hulk



    Ed McGuinness, Jeff Parker, Jeph Loeb, Patrick Zircher


    Hachette Partworks

    Bruce Banner’s greatest adversary, General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross has been reborn. Scarlet, seething and hot as hell… Run for the hills, it’s the Red Hulk! ‘Who is the Red Hulk?’ In 2008, the question coursed through all of comicdon, fuelling a fever for Marvel’s radioactive rager not seen since the Hulk’s heyday. Witness the ramifications of Ross’ new role, as the Red Hulk goes rogue! Embarking on an Arabian epic, the angry icon acquires an unlikely ally… and his very own arch-nemesis. Finding himself at odds with the army and Earth’s mightiest heroes, this is a Hulk tale unlike any other!

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