Marvel’s Mightiest Vol.68: Elektra



    Frank Miller, Klaus Janson


    Hachette Partworks

    A mercenary, bounty hunter and comics’ deadliest assassin. Her name is Elektra Natchios, and she’s as stunning as she is deadly.

    In 1981, Frank Miller cemented his place in the comicbook pantheon, throwing Daredevil’s life into disarray and introducing the intoxicating assassin Elektra to an enraptured audience. Things will never be the same for the Man Without Fear, as the Grecian Guardian tears through Hell’s Kitchen on a mission like no other. By the Elektra Saga’s end, not everyone will be walking away. Watch your back – Elektra’s got you marked!

    Collecting Daredevil #168 and Daredevil #174-181.

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