Marvel’s Mightiest Vol.65: Star-Lord


  • Steve Englehart, Chris Claremont, Keith Giffen, Steve Gan, Bob Mcleod, John Byrne, Timothy Green II
  • Hachette Partworks

Saviour of the spaceways, it’s the Legendary Star-Lord! A courageous, intergalactic warrior – you’ve never met a hero quite like Peter Quill before! Through redemption and reinvention, Peter Quill has risen to become one of Marvel’s brightest stars. Now, as the war for the universe rages on, an all-new legacy begins. Bursting with a collection of Star-Lord’s most halcyonic heroism, you can be sure the galaxy’s never been in safer hands!
Collecting Marvel Preview #4, Star-Lord: Special Edition #1, Annihilation: Conquest – Star-Lord #1-4 and The Hollow Crown Annihilation: Conquest.

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