Marvel’s Mightiest Vol.63: Generation X


    Marvel’s Mightiest Heroes Vol.63: Generation X
    Scott Lobdell | Chris Bachalo
    Hachette Partworks, Colour, Hardcover

    Make way for an all-new breed of super-team as Generation X enter the fray! Unspeakably powerful with unlimited potential… their might knows no bounds! In the wake of the epic Phalanx Covenant event, a legend is born! Witness Generation X’s first steps into the Marvel Universe as X-Men Banshee and Emma Frost open the gates to Xavier’s Institute once more. Then, a strange new enemy stalks the majestic mutants! What is Emplate, and how can a band of super-powered students hope to tackle a vampiric force the likes of which the world has never seen? Find out as we embark upon the mutants’ Third Genesis!

    Collecting Generation X #1-6.

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