Marvel’s Mightiest Vol.62: Winter Soldier


    Marvel’s Mightiest Heroes Vol.62: Winter Soldier
    Ed Brubaker | Rick Remender | Steve Epting | Roland Boschi
    Hachette Partworks, Colour, Hardcover

    A hero of comics’ golden age, Bucky Barnes underwent a remarkable rebirth to become the inimitable Winter Soldier! In 2005, Ed Brubaker brought the long-thought dead icon Bucky Barnes in from the cold. Reinventing him as a ruthless Russian assassin, the writer breathed new life into the war-time wunderkind. In The Bitter March, Rick Remender and Roland Boschi return to the Soldier at his most deadly, delivering the very best espionage action in comics! Driven, deadly and hard as nails, nothing’s going to stop the Winter Soldier!

    Featuring Captain America Vol.5 #6 and Winter Soldier: the Bitter March #1.NOW-5.

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