Marvel’s Mightiest Vol.59: Mister Fantastic (HC)


    Marvel’s Mightiest Heroes Vol.59: Mister Fantastic
    Stan Lee | Mark Waid | Jack Kirby | Mike Wieringo
    Marvel Comics, Colour, Hardcover

    The first hero of Marvel’s Silver Age, Reed Richards is Mr. Fantastic. A genius inventor and stretching stalwart, cosmic rays transformed him into a legend. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby kickstart comics’ Silver Age! Join Mr. Fantastic on his first foray into the nascent Marvel Universe, fending off the malevolent Mole Man. Then, the workings of a brilliant mind come back to haunt Reed as the startling origins of a new technological terror are revealed! What connection does it have to our hero? Find out in Mark Waid and Mike Wieringo’s seminal Sentient!

    Featuring Fantastic Four #1 and #489-493.

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