Marvel’s Mightiest Vol.55: Black Knight (HC)


    Marvel’s Mightiest Heroes Vol.55: Black Knight
    Roy Thomas | Paul Cornell | John Buscema | George Tuska | Leonard Kirk | Mike Collins
    Marvel Comics, Colour, Hardcover

    A legend reborn, Dabe Whitman is the Black Knight, a gleaming example of heraldic heroism. Brandishing the unparalleled might of the Ebony Blade, he’s an Avenger, a Defender, and a Hero for Hire! Behold the British-borne bravery of MI-13 as the Black Knight, Captain Britain and the rest of the team show Earth’s Mightiest heroes how it’s done! Dracula’s invaded the British Isles, and it’s up to Dane Whitman and his allies of Albion to repel an unrelenting wave of undead terror! Ready your blade readers – the soul of Britain is at stake!

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