Marvel’s Mightiest Vol.36: Scarlet Witch (HC)


    Marvel’s Mightiest Heroes Vol.36: Scarlet Witch
    Stan Lee | John Byrne | Jack Kirby
    Marvel Comics, Colour, Hardcover

    Able to wield raw chaos energy in order to change reality itself, Wanda Maximoff is the immeasurably powerful Avenger the Scarlet Witch. Discover the chaotic history of the Marvel Universe’s Sorceress Supreme. From Wanda’s earliest days, experience her first appearance as a member of Magneto’s despicable Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Then delve into the definitive take on the character as the Scarlet Witch is pushed to breaking point in the John Byrne classic Avengers West Coast: Vision Quest.

    Collects X-Men #4 and Avengers West Coast #47-52.

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