Marvel’s Mightiest Vol.34: The Thing (HC)


    Marvel’s Mightiest Heroes Vol.34: The Thing
    Stan Lee | Mark Gruendwald | Ralph Macchio | Joe Sinnott | Gene Day | Jack Kirby | John Byrne
    Marvel Comics, Colour, Hardcover

    With a stony exterior and a heart of gold, Ben Grimm is the ever-lovin’ Thing. A fantastic brawler with a tortured soul, this is his story. Get ready to see the Fantastic Four’s toughest member like never before! Laying the foundations for some of the greatest super-hero tales in history, the classic This Man… This Monster! bears the gravity and pathos of a story rarely found in comics at the time of its release. Then discover a gem from Marvel’s past as Ben Grimm takes on the role of super-powered security at Project: Pegasus, a vast labyrinth of research laboratories with an incredible secret at its heart.

    Collects Marvel Two-in-One #53-58 and #60 and Fantastic Four Vol.1 #51.

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