Marvel’s Mightiest Vol.15: Captain Marvel (HC)


    Roy Thomas | Gerry Conway | Marv Wolfman
    Marvel Comics, Colour, Hardcover

    The Kree warrior that found his true home on Earth, Captain Marvel was a staunch defender of his adopted people and one of the greatest Avengers that ever lived. Witness the stunning rebirth of one of Marvel’s most iconic interstellar super-heroes as Marvel stalwarts Roy Thomas and Gil Kane reinvent ‘Mar-Vell’. Trapped in the Negative Zone, Captain Marvel is freed from this desolate plane by teen Avenger Rick Jones. With no choice but to leave his young ally stranded in the void, the hero returns to Earth to save the day! Heroes are born and adversaries return in another slice of classic Marvel storytelling courtesy of an eclectic mix of stand-out Marvel talent.

    Collects Captain Marvel Vol.1 #17-23 and Marvel Spotlight On Captain Marvel #1-2.

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