Marvel Collection Vol.89: Avengers – The Korvac Saga


    Marvel UGNC Vol.89: Avengers – The Korvac Saga
    Jim Shooter | David Micheline | Bill Mantlo | George Perez | Sal Buscema
    Marvel Comics, Colour, Hardcover

    Fleeing from the 31st Century, Korvac the Machine Man has made his way through the timestream to present-day Earth. Thwarted by the Guardians of the Galaxy in the future, he assumes the form of a seemingly normal human as he contemplates the mysteries of a universe he wishes to enslave. Only one team can stop his plans for conquest but with a raft of problems, both internal and external, can the Avengers pull together to stop this cosmic conqueror before it’s too late?

    Collects Thor Annual #6, The Avengers #167-168 and #170-177.

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