Lobster Johnson Vol.06: A Chain Forged in Life



    Ben Stenbeck, Dave Stewart, John Arcudi, Mike Mignola, Stephen Green, Toni Fejzula


    Dark Horse Comics

    After years of captivating fans from the pages of Hellboy and BPRD, the pulp-style adventures of Lobster Johnson take the limelight in this fifth collection of the Lobster’s solo series.

    Collecting five Lobster Johnson one-shots featuring the Lobster in a Christmas robbery, a prison break with a familiar enemy behind it, an art museum heist, a preacher serving up more than scripture, and a zombie hitman!

    Collects Lobster Johnson: A Chain Forged in Life, Lobster Johnson: The Glass Mantis, Lobster Johnson: The Forgotten Man, Lobster Johnson: Garden of Bones and Lobster Johnson: Mangekyo.

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