Hurricane And Champion


    Hurricane and Champion: The Companion Papers to Valiant
    Steve Holland
    Bear Alley Books, 48 pages, Black / White

    Bear Alley Books is proud to announce an all-new index to these highly collectable British comics. Hurricane and Champion: The Companion Papers to Valiant details the histories of both papers and reveals—some for the first time—the names of many of the creators behind the classic comic strips that filled their pages.

    Heavily illustrated throughout, Hurricane and Champion also includes title and creator indexes covering both papers, a gallery of annual covers and has a full-colour cover scanned from original artwork.

    In his introduction, Steve Holland describes how Hurricane (1964-65) went through four phases during its lifetime and reveals the many problems faced by Champion (1966) during its brief 15-issue run.

    The essays vary in length. This is not a reflection on the contributions that a particular creator may have made, but on the available information. It is a sad fact that many comic creators in the UK work their entire careers without credit or recognition; little is known about them and the full extent of their work may never be known, thanks to a lack of any kind of record of creators’ contributions. Some creators feel no need to step into the spotlight; others are perhaps unaware that there is any interest in their work. Their contributions are still appreciated.

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