Harley Quinn Vol.06: Black, White And Red All Over (HC)



    Amanda Conner, Chad Hardin, Jimmy Palmiotti, John Timms


    DC Comics

    Has Harley met her (love) match? Harley Quinn knows all about mad love, but she’s put all that behind her. Now she’s an independent, butt-kicking woman with a business that offers violence in the service of good. But Harley is about to find out what it feels like to be on the receiving end of some truly mad love. His name is Red Tool, and he wants to prove his love for Harley… by murdering people, kidnapping her and trying to force her to marry him!

    But Harley’s got even bigger problems on her plate than a homicidal lovesick psycho who can’t feel any pain. The mayor of New York City has decided that the “understanding” he had with her to let her business operate without interference came with an unannounced expiration date… and that date is now. Will Harley end up behind bars, or worse? Or will Red Tool prove to be the right tool for the job?

    Writers Amanda Conner (Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre) and Jimmy Palmiotti (Jonah Hex) and artists John Timms (Deadpool) and Chad Hardin (Demon Knights) introduce the new character that will have Harley seeing red!

    Collects Harley Quinn #26-30.

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