Green Lantern Vol.03: The End (HC)


    Geoff Johns | Doug Mahnke | Dan Jurgens | Phil Jimenez | Szymon Kudranski | Ardian Syaf | Christian Alamy | Keith Champagne | Mark Irwin | Tom Nguyen | Marc Deering
    DC Comics, 264 Pages, Colour, Hardcover

    The universe is in shambles and the Guardians are the cause. Their mysterious Third Army has risen across the cosmos like a plague, destroying everything in its path, and Hal Jordan and Sinestro are nowhere to be found. It is up to wrongfully accused Simon Baz to clear his name and become the hero that the Corps needs to get to the bottom of Hal and Sinestro’s disappearance and the Rise of the Third Army in these stories from Green Lantern #0 and 13-20!

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