Green Arrow Vol.03: Harrow


    Ann Nocenti | Rob Liefeld | Frank Tieri | Geoff Johns | Freddie E Williams II | Rob Hunter | Tom Derenick | Joe Bennett | Carlos D’Anda | Ivan Reis | Joe Prado | Various
    DC Comics, 144 Pages, Colour

    In this title collecting Green Arrow #0 and 14-16, plus The Savage Hawkman #14 and justice League #8, Oliver Queen crosses paths with both Hawkman and the entire Justice League! As if that’s not enough, he must liberate Seattle’s waterfront from the grip of Harrow, a thug who’s running guns into the city! Also, Green Arrow’s downward spiral begins as he loses Q-Corps, and discover the events that led up to the birth of Green Arrow in a tale from issue #0!

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