Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars


    Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars
    Cullen Bunn | Jim Shooter | Matteo Lolli | Tony Harris | Various
    Marvel Comics, 129 Pages, Colour

    Official ‘Secret Wars’ tie-in! Well, not that ‘Secret Wars’ – we’re talking the original epic from 1984! But wait, Deadpool wasn’t in that series, right? Wrong! Prepare to learn the terrifying truth as the team behind Deadpool Killustrated reveals the crucial role the Merc-with-a-Mouth played on the Beyonder’s Battleworld! A role so secret, the rest of Marvel’s super heroes don’t even remember it! Now, relive the ‘Secret Wars’ – from Doctor Doom’s rise to power to Hulk holding up a mountain – all with added Deadpool! Amid the chaos, there comes …and goes… a costume – but Wade’s awesome secret shield is totally for keeps! Prepare to discover how the original ‘Secret Wars’ really ended – and how the sassin’ assassin saved the universe!

    Collecting Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars #1-4 and Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #1.

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