DC Collection Vol.60: Superman / Batman – Torment






    What begins as a simple burglary ends as an interstellar epic when an ancient Kryptonian artefact is stolen. While the Dark Knight investigates the robbery, Superman starts showing signs of overwhelming fear and paranoia. The trail ends for both heroes on the planet Apokolips, where Darkseid takes control of the Man of Steel and Batman falls under the seductive spell of Bekka, sworn enemy of the dark god. On opposite sides of vicious combat and battling intense emotional onslaughts, will the world’s most exceptional partnership endure… or will a significant darkness once again spread over the universe?

    And in Darkseid’s first full appearance, Superman learns of a “Supertown”, where he believes he can find a community of people like himself. But will he leave Earth defenceless in the face of Darkseid, or will he stay to protect the planet?

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