DC Collection Vol.27: Superman – Brainiac






    When invader probes bombard our world, Superman journeys into the deepest reaches of space to confront his old foe. But the Brainiac he encounters is unlike any he’s faced before. Aboard his massive ship, the one true Brainiac hoards wonders and horrors in equal measure. Only one treasure eludes him. Setting his sights on Superman, Brainiac will do anything to ensure that the Last Son of Krypton is his alone.

    Originally published in Action Comics #866–870 and Superman: New Krypton Special #1, August–December 2008.

    Clark Kent and Lois Lane are guests aboard the spaceship Columbus when their flight is interrupted by a flying saucer manned by Brainiac. Can Superman stop this alien master of science, bent on miniaturising and stealing Earth’s cities?

    Action Comics #242 originally published in July 1958.

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