DC Collection Vol.09: Harley Quinn – Preludes…


    DC Graphic Novel Collection Vol.9: Harley Quinn – Preludes And Knock Knock Jokes
    Karl Kesel | Kelley Puckett | Terry Dodson | Rachel Dodson | Mike Parobeck
    Eaglemoss, Colour, Hardcover

    The Joker’s paramour bounds from her cartoon world to take Gotham City by storm. When the Clown Prince of Crime betrays her, Harley sides with Two-Face, Catwoman, Poison Ivy and the Riddler to launch her own lunatic crime spree the likes of which the GCPD has never seen before!

    Collecting Harley Quinn #1-7 (2000 – 2001). Plus, “Batgirl: Day One” from 1993’s The Batman Adventures #12, the first comic book appearance of Harley Quinn! When Harley and Poison Ivy team to gatecrash a costume party, they’re unaware that Batgirl is a guest!

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