DC Collection Vol.03: Superman – Last Son Of Krypton


    DC Graphic Novel Collection Vol.3: Superman – Last Son Of Krypton
    Geoff Johns | Adam Kubert
    Eaglemoss, Colour, Hardcover

    Superman is amazed when a Kryptonian craft lands in the middle of Metropolis. Inside is a Kryptonian boy, a child with all of Superman’s powers. Superman is determined to protect the child and raise him as his own, but the authorities are concerned, and no-one is really sure where this incredibly powerful being has come from.

    Originally published in Action Comics #844-846 and #851, Action Comics Annual #11 and Superman Annual #13.

    Plus bonus comics: Superman #1 – Originally published in July 1939. The first issue of Superman’s own title contained an expanded version of his origin and revealed how he got his first job as a journalist.

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