DC Collection Special Vol.04: Final Crisis






    Final Crisis (Originally published between Jul 2008 and Mar 2009):

    From the dawn of man to the present day and the far-flung future, the history of humankind has always been a story of struggle and conflict. Now that eternal duel has entered a new stage: man versus god. Life versus Anti-Life. Neither men of steel nor dark knights can escape the shadow of the dark side at it reaches out to extinguish the human flame forever, in the end to all stories.

    Final Crisis: Superman Beyond #1-2 (Originally published in Oct–Nov 2008), Final Crisis: Submit #1 (Originally published in Dec 2008), Final Crisis: Secret Files #1 (Originally published in Feb 2009) and Final Crisis: Requiem #1 (Originally published in Sep 2008):

    As the universe-shattering Final Crisis affects the mightiest of heroes, Superman becomes a pawn of ultra-dimensional forces in a battle to save the woman he loves, a mad prophet gains cosmic powers and a deadly mission, and the Justice League pay tribute to a fallen comrade.

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