Daredevil Vol.04: Autobiography Of Matt Murdock


    Daredevil Vol.4: Autobiography Of Matt Murdock
    Chris Samnee | Peter Krause | Various
    Marvel Comics, 106 Pages, Colour

    It all comes down to this. In order to preserve the new life that he’s built, Daredevil is faced with a critical decision – one that may mean the death of Matt Murdock! Daredevil must make a deal with his own personal devil – and unless he can outsmart the strongest, toughest opponent he’s ever known, no one walks out alive! Is DD’s time in San Francisco coming to an end? Does the new rival in town spell doom for Murdock and his friends? One thing is for sure, not everyone survives this phase in Daredevil’s life – and the final chapter in the Autobiography of Matt Murdock is written by someone who may surprise you. Mark Waid and Chris Samnee’s Daredevil opus comes to an end! Find out who lives, who dies – and who is changed forever.

    Collecting Daredevil (2014) #15.1 and #16-18.

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