Captain America: White


    Captain America: White
    Jeph Loeb | Tim Sale
    Marvel Comics, 150 Pages, Colour, Hardcover

    Journey back to the ‘Big One’ as Captain America recalls one of his most incredible missions. It’s 1941, and the Howling Commandos are enjoying a respite from the ordeal of World War II — until Cap and his faithful partner, Bucky, lead them into the hands of the enemy! As the Nazis unleash their latest deadly soldiers, an old ally lends a hand — but an even older enemy will threaten America’s greatest hero like never before. Will the Sentinel of Liberty gain his freedom in time to rescue Paris from the clutches of a monster?

    The Eisner Award-winning creative team of Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale (Daredevil: Yellow, Hulk: Gray, Spider-man: Blue) reunites to deliver another colorful exploration of the early days of a Marvel icon!

    Collecting Captain America: White #0-5.

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