Captain America: Blood And Glory



    D.G. Chichester, Kevin Kobasic, Larry Alexander, Margaret Clark, Rik Levins, Klaus Janson, Mark Gruenwald, Various


    Marvel Comics

    Epic Collection

    Cap like you’ve never seen him before! First, it’s Captain America’s landmark 400th issue — and while Operation: Galactic Storm rages around him, Steve Rogers must face a gauntlet of his most formidable foes! But will the cosmic conflict’s fallout sunder the Avengers? Then, prepare for one of the wildest Cap stories ever as Steve is transformed into a howling mad Cap-Wolf! Other werewolves, including Man-Wolf, Werewolf by Night and the New Mutants’ Wolfsbane, join the fur-flying fun — as do Wolverine and Cable! But who will be the leader of the pack? Plus: When Crossbones captures Diamondback, it’s Cap and the Falcon to the rescue! But where’s D-Man? And Steve joins Frank Castle in a brutal battle for blood and glory!

    Collects Captain America (1968) #398-410 and Punisher / Captain America: Blood and Glory (1992) #1-3.

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