Bloodshot Vol.02: The Rise And The Fall


    Bloodshot Vol.2: The Rise And The Fall
    Duane Swierczynski | Manuel Garcia | Arturo Lozzi | Matthew Clark | Matt Ryan | Stefano Gaudiano
    Valiant, 128 Pages, Colour

    Assault on Project Rising Spirit!

    Bloodshot is finally free of the memories that have haunted him since his awakening – but now even greater mysteries remain. Who was he before he was transformed into a walking weapon of mass destruction? And does he have a real family out there somewhere? Unfortunately, the only man with the answers is the former mastermind of Project Rising Spirit, the quasi-governmental science division that created him – and he’s just struck a devil’s bargain with Bloodshot. “Destroy your creators and I’ll reveal everything.” Well, almost everything…

    Collecting Bloodshot #5-9 by acclaimed writer Duane Swierczynski (Birds of Prey) and artists Manuel Garcia (Black Widow), Arturo Lozzi (Immortal Weapons), and Matthew Clark (Avenging Spider-Man), Bloodshot’s brutal, bullet-riddled tour of duty through the Valiant Universe continues right here in the second shock-inducing volume of the series that Complex calls “hard and heavy with each issue.”

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