Batman: Caped Crusader Vol.02



    George Perez, Gray Marrow, Jim Aparo, Jim Owlsey, John Beatty, John Byrne, Kevin Dooley, Malcolm Jones, Marv Wolfman, Michael Bair, Mike DeCarlo, Pat Broderick


    DC Comics

    Gotham City is plagued by an endless supply of criminals who unleash constant chaos upon the city. But Gotham has a protector: Batman, the fearless Caped Crusader. The Dark Knight stands ever ready to fight the chaos and keep the citizens of the city safe, one night at a time.

    A killer stalking Gotham’s streets has his sights set on Batman. The mysterious murderer has slain innocent bystanders after clothing them in the Dark Knight’s cape and cowl. Can Batman figure out who this murderous madman is before he strikes again, or will the body count continue to rise? Plus, delve into Batman’s past as the origin of Batman’s first alliance with Dick Grayson, the original Robin, is revealed.

    An all-star cast of talent, led by legendary writers Marv Wolfman (Nightwing) and John Byrne (Wonder Woman) and featuring the dynamic art of Jim Aparo (The Brave and the Bold) and Mike Decarlo (Legion of Super-Heroes), presents Batman: The Caped Crusader Vol.2, collecting Batman #432-439, #443-444 and Batman Annual #13.

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