Avengers: The Collection Obsession



    Andy Kubert, Bob Harras, Fabian Nicieza, George Freeman, James Fry, Paul Abrams, Ron Lim, Scott Lobdell, Steve Epting, Various


    Marvel Comics

    Epic Collection

    To battle the Brethren! Thane Ector and his allies devastated the Collector – and now they’ve come for Earth. And to stop them, the Avengers must call in reserves, returnees – and a new recruit! But will the humbled Elder of the Universe aid Earth’s Mightiest, or renew his collection obsession? Hate may conquer all when the Sons of the Serpent strike – unless the Avengers and New Warriors can do something about it! But how will our heroes react when a fallen comrade seemingly returns? Plus, the Subterranean Wars rage, and the Vault prison becomes a deathtrap filled with deadly menaces – including Venom!

    Collects Avengers (1963) #334-344, Annual #20, Avengers: Deathtrap – The Vault and material from Incredible Hulk Annual #17, Namor the Sub-Mariner Annual #1, Iron Man Annual #12, Avengers West Coast Annual #6.

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