Arrow: Season 2.5


    Arrow: Season 2.5
    Marc Guggenheim | Keto Shimizu | Brian Ford Sullivan | Joe Bennett | Jack Jadson | Szymon Kudranski | Craig Yeung
    DC Comics, 263 Pages, Colour

    Season two of the smash CW drama Arrow continues here! The story doesn’t stop when the TV turns off: Oliver Queen still has a city to save; and just because Sebastian Blood is dead, that doesn’t mean Brother Blood is gone for good. Someone new has taken up the mantle and is building a religion aimed at cleansing Starling City of sin—starting with Team Arrow! To do it, he’s unearthed a secret weapon from the wreckage of Slade Wilson’s failed raid of the city… drawn from the very blood of Slade’s Mirakuru warriors!

    Arrow show creator Marc Guggenheim and writers Keto Shimizu and Brian Ford Sullivan fill in the gaps between seasons with help from artists Joe Bennett (52), Szymon Kudranski (Klarion), Craig Yeung (X-Factor) and more!

    Collects print issues #1-12.

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