Amazing Spider-Man: Worldwide Vol.08



    Alex Ross, Christos N. Gage, Cory Smith, Dan Slott, David Hein, Mike Hawthorne, Stuart Immonen, Todd Nauck


    Marvel Comics

    Nearly a year ago, Spider-Man hurled the dangerous madman called Zodiac a full year into the future. That means Zodiac’s had a whole year to prepare for their rematch! And when the web-slinger pays Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum a visit looking for a consult, he finds there’s a new Sorcerer Supreme in town: Loki! And this newest Master of the Mystic Arts has his own unique brand of magic! Meanwhile, Norman Osborn has scoured the globe for a cure to the genetic tampering that prevents him from becoming the Green Goblin — and at long last, he’s about to find it! Plus: Betty Brant searches for answers when she receives a voicemail from… her late husband, Ned Leeds! All this and the uncanny threat of Clash!

    Collects Amazing Spider-Man #794-796, Annual #42 and material from Amazing Spider-Man (2015) #25.

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