Amazing Spider-Man Vol.02: Spider-Verse Prelude


    Amazing Spider-Man Vol.2: Spider-Verse Prelude
    Dan Slott | Christos N. Gage | Giuseppe Camuncoli | Adam Kubert
    Marvel Comics, 112 Pages, Colour

    Step over the edge of Spider-Verse! In the year 2099, the Superior Spider-Man lives on – but how? Otto takes the fight to Karn, the man working his way through the multiverse leaving a trail of dead spiders in his wake, but finds himself hopelessly overpowered. Will the time-lost Superior Spidey find enough allies to make a dent in Karn’s plans? Meanwhile, the real Spider-Man teams up with the all-new Ms. Marvel in a highflying (high-stepping in Kamala’s case) adventure! Can Ms. Marvel get Spidey out of a jam? Plus: MC2’s Spider-Girl and the Spider-Man of 1602 find themselves under attack from the mysterious forces behind Spider-Verse! And who is Spider-UK? The road to Spider-Verse starts here!

    Collecting Amazing Spider-Man (2014) #7-8, Superior Spider-Man #32-33 and material from Free Comic Book Day 2014 (Guardians Of The Galaxy) #1.

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