Agents of Atlas #1-5



    Jung-Geun Yoon, Carlo Pagulayan, Gang Hyuk Lim, Greg Pak, Jeff Parker


    Marvel Comics

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    Protecting every corner of the Marvel Universe!

    By popular demand, Atlas debut in their own series as Amadeus Cho, Silk, Shang-chi, Wave, Jimmy Woo and all your favorites defend the cross-Asian portal city of Pan against the science-magic threat of one of Marvel’s classic villains! Classic science-magic super hero fun combined with young and old heroes from multiple lands clashing with one another, fighting monsters and maybe saving the world along the way! And who is Isaac Ikeda, the Protector of Pan?

    Plus: Where are the original Agents of Atlas? Namora, M-11, Gorilla Man and Marvel Boy in an all-new top-secret mission!

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