Adventure Time: Candy Capers


    Yuko Ota | Ananth Panagariya | Ian McGinty | Michael Dialynas
    Boom! Studios, 160 Pages, Colour

    Ever what it would be like to have Marceline and Treetrunks partner up? Wonder how Ice King and Susan would fair as a crime-fighting duo? LSP and Lemongrab? Let’s face it… with these kind of teams being lead by none other than Peppermint with the …help of Cinnamon Bun… this is a cooky series you won’t want to miss.

    Finn and Jake are missing?! It’s a dark day in Ooo, but fear not, Candy Kingdom-Peppermint Butler and Cinnamon Bun will …protect… you? Desperate times call for desperate measures and Princess Bubblegum has no choice but to turn to the gummiest of gumshoes. Peppermint Butler is on the case, and with Cinnamon Bun’s complete lack of keen deductive skills, they just might have a chance at navigating Ooo’s shadowy underbelly and locating everyone’s favorite heroes…

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