Adventure Time: Bitter Sweets


    Adventure Time: Bitter Sweets
    Kate Leth | Zachary Sterling | Stephanie Gonzaga
    Boom! Studios, 160 Pages, Colour

    We obviously love the Adventure Time show, and we pour our hearts into the comics. These original graphic novels are extra special because we just love being able to tell a longer story. Plus, we are such huge fans of Kate Leth and Zachary Sterling, who worked on the last Adventure Time original graphic novel, so we had to ask them to do a follow.

    Our Adventure Time original graphic novels are longstories that play out like an episode of the animated series. It’s a selfstory, done in one, and all the fun, plus now it’s in full color. Great if you like our Peanuts original graphic novels, or fun, all original graphic novels like Monster On The Hill and Max Steel.

    It’s that lovely time of year where Princess Bubblegum gets to leave the Candy Kingdom and venture out into the outer limits of Ooo. But when her annual quest to visit old friends takes a dark and unexpected turn, it’s up to PB and Peppermint Butler to keep the peace by using the true power of friendship. Written by New York Times bestselling author Kate Leth (Adventure Time: Seeing Red), and illustrated by the sensational Zachary Sterling (Adventure Time), Bitter Sweets is a deliciously twisted adventure with a surprising aftertaste.

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