Invaders Vol.02: Dead In The Water



    Butch Guice, Carlos Magno, Chip Zdarsky


    Marvel Comics

    The world is forever changed. The Invaders are shattered, and Namor is humanity’s greatest threat. How did it all come to this?

    As mankind inches toward disaster, the Torch is transformed, the Winter Soldier undertakes a deadly mission and Captain America deals with the fallout as Roxxon targets Atlantis! Which classic Invader will join the fight to bring the Sub-Mariner to justice?

    Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes must sacrifice everything to find a way to overcome both Roxxon and Namor — but whose side will their former comrade in arms be on as doomsday approaches?

    After all that’s happened, can the Sub-Mariner possibly be redeemed? Or will the Spear crush the Invaders and remake the world in its image?

    Collects Invaders (2018) #7-12.

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